Boutique BPO

Vestasity considers our services to go beyond what you get with traditional BPO. Instead, we consider ourselves a “Boutique Process Outsourcing” firm, meaning, we swiftly solve middle market scaling challenges by implementing our seasoned team to carry out a variety of solutions using the resources of a large firm.

1. IT Infrastructure & Support


Find the most efficient blend of system and process given your unique IT needs.

Vestasity’s dedicated IT team provides consolidated turn-key solutions for all your IT needs. Whether it’s a product implementation, a system integration, or training and support, our team provides customized solutions enabling you to optimize and scale your IT environment.

We recognize and respect the uniqueness of your organization and tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Through a combined approach of meeting with senior leadership and key operation’s employees, we seek to understand the entire picture of your IT and operational environment. After careful due diligence, we will diagnose your IT needs to identify technological and operational bottlenecks, work side by side to make strategic decisions and implement a best practices course of action.

Vestasity offers remote and on-site support services.

IT Solutions

  • Legacy Systems Transition
  • Product Implementation
  • Security & Compliance
  • Office and Off-site Communication Management
  • Help Desk and Desktop Support
  • Data Center Migrations
  • Project Management
  • Cloud Services
  • IT Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed IT Services

2. Procurement


Achieve more efficient and effective operations letting us help you develop the method and means to gain sustainable and continually improving results.

Let us transform your organizational purchasing from piece meal buying to procurement excellence that adds maximum value and derives significant cost savings. We will take a fresh look at your procurement processes and objectives and ensure alignment with your current and future objectives. Procurement is not just about cutting costs; it is thinking strategically about the future growth and stability of your organization. We will assess your current practices, make holistic recommendations, and take responsibility for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of your procurement roadmap.

The Stages of Procurement

Most organizations evolve through the stages or procurement organically over their lifetime. Our strong team and wide-ranging expertise will let you jump from your current stage of procurement to stage four, with best in class management, systematic tools and cost-effective sourcing.

Stage 1:      Discovery

Stage 2:      Reactive

Stage 3:      Proactive

Stage 4:      Strategic Value-Add

Procurement Offerings

  • Perform vendor product offering and quality assessment
  • Evaluate current ordering patterns with defined vendor and product consolidation opportunities to improve fill rates and reduce costs
  • Review of all current vendor contracts, agreements and price lists
  • Gauge opportunities to outsource all or part of the procurement process
  • Evaluate any vendor certification processes
  • Develop standard reports, policies, KPIs and dashboards as needed

3. Accounting & Finance


Save time and money by outsourcing your finance, accounting, bookkeeping and other back office services so that your focus can be on what matters – your mission.

Our team will handle the details of your accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and reporting needs so that your leadership and staff’s attention can be directed to the organizational mission and goals. We provide value beyond daily accounting functions by using a comprehensive approach to create short and long term solutions.

Controller and Permanent or Interim Staff Services

  • ICD-10 Coding
  • Cost-effective alternative to hiring and training an in-house team
  • Professional and experienced accounting oversight
  • Skilled services without having to add and train employees
  • Turnkey solutions that allow you to concentrate on your organization’s mission while we handle your accounting functions
  • Development and implementation of organization specific policies and procedures

General Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • General ledger accounting, reconciliations and maintenance
  • Payroll, accounts payable and cash disbursements
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Bank and investment reconciliations
  • Audit and tax preparation

Streamlined Onboarding without Operational Interruption

Taking ownership for one or all of your accounting functions is a responsibility we take seriously. Our onboarding process will be carefully tailored to your organization so that there are no interruptions to your day to day operations. We want to set the right tone from the beginning to ensure complete leadership and staff buy-in. Clear expectations so that our partnership can be successful will include:

  • Our team members role’s
  • Our commitment to your organization and what you can expect
  • Your commitment to us and what we can expect
  • The process and steps our onboarding and services will follow
  • A revision process for when needs and expectations change